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Family Faith Formation 2022

January 4 Epiphany

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January 24 Bible Project Reading Plan #34

Instead of having a Christian Ed class on Advent, Pastor Megan and the Relationship inside the Church Community panel recommend “Come to Bethlehem and Be Nourished,” an interactive Advent and Christmas devotional from Presbyterians Today.

Bread making as a spiritual practice

This year’s devotional invites you to be part of building a tighter-knit community right where
you are. Share the devotional with friends and family. Read and reflect together as a small
group meeting over Zoom or in person. You are also encouraged to bake bread and share the
loaves as gifts with others.

Each Friday in Advent, a bread recipe will be offered. Make more than one loaf so that you
can share one and keep the other to be part of your Sunday Advent practice of having a simple
meal as you light the candles around the Advent wreath.

You can enjoy the bread as you light the Advent candles as part of your breakfast or later
in the day for supper. For either meal, keep it simple: bread, butter and jam for breakfast;
bread and soup for dinner. Advent was originally embraced as a winter Lent, so having simple
meals during a season of holiday feasting will make a wonderful spiritual practice.
And for those whose baking skills are not the best — or if there is a week where there is
no time to mix, knead and bake — seek out artisan bread in your neighborhood bakeries or
specialty shops. Buy a loaf for yourself and a loaf to give away. The local shops will appreciate the business.

Advent Week 1 Come to Bethlehem and be Nourished
Advent Week 2 An Act of Joy
Advent Week 3 An Act of Strength
Advent Week 4 An Act of Trust
Christmas Embracing Christmastide

Pre-K and Kindergarten
Simply Loved

Week 1
God Creates the World Video
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Week 2
God Creates People Video
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Week 3
Sin Enters the World Video
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Week 4
A Flood Covers the Earth Video
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Week 5
God Calls Abram Video
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Week 6
Isaac is Born Video
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Week 7
Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing Video
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Week 8
Jacob and Esau Make Peace Video
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One Year of Covid Coloring Pages
Prayers For Marking COVID


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