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Congregational Sabbatical Information

Our Pastor, Geoff McLean is currently on sabbatical thru the end of the calendar year.  We are pleased to have the Rev. Leslianne Braunstein as our sabbatical pastor for this season in our lives together.    Please contact an Elder or Deacon, or the church office, should you have a pastoral concern or have questions about our ministry opportunities.

Click here for a list of our leaders.

Our congregational sabbatical will be a time to enjoy our beloved worship, fellowship, and service traditions, while also providing new opportunities to explore our faith, strengthen our relationships with each other and bless the community around us.  All members, friends, and guests are encouraged to make this unique time a priority for growth as individuals, families and as a body of Christ.  The best way to do this is to be present, seek ways you can be engaged and share your gifts and passions with each other.  God has great plans for us and we can’t wait to discover them together!